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Google throwing error on old arcade

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Since the upgrade to 4.1.x I have been trying to stop a ton of errors in my server error logs relating to Google apparently looking for the old 3rd party arcade we used to have. I assume it found the link in an old crawl. The Arcade is gone and removed from my server. 
[error] [client] File does not exist: /home/xxxxxxxxx.com/arcade

I have a added link on the menu that I added to another standalone Arcade on another hosting account but that shouldn't be the one popping this error as it is a totally different url and server. I have no forum on the server the arcade I'm using is on. the error above is my current forum. I thought this was an old link that google is just looking for but it should have dropped out after a week or two shouldn't it? I have tried all sort of combinations in the robots.txt to Disallow it seeing "Arcade" but it persists. 75 of the same errors in the last 4 hours in batches.

Suggestions? Thanks.

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