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question about comment in article and forum post


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ok finally we have migrated from 3 to 4 and we get a lot of glitch BUT we are mostly here :P

my question is about comment into article, in past i have added the forum post comment option, but i have seen that it count as 2 weblink and google don't like that.

so like we have do a lot of works to do "clean cut" i have see this warning:



if i disable post topic and use forum for comment, i understand that i will lost all comment previously posted. 

but li think you have the key to explain me how to reintegrate comment to the article comment database ? (sql request to move data, it's not a pb but i need information to do it)

if yes explain me :

because i want to stop 2 posts link for each new news and i want to do not lost comments previously posted.

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If you wanted to stop using the forums and somehow move the comments back over you'd have to

1) Inspect each record in the cms_custom_database_X database table (where X is the database ID) and grab the record_topicid value.

2) Grab each post from the topic denoted by the record_topicid value except the first post (which is just a stub or copy of the article content)

3) Insert each of those posts into the cms_database_comments table with the appropriate values (comment_database_id, comment_record_id, etc.)


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It would be something like

comment_user -> forums_posts.author_id
comment_database_id -> the database id
comment_record_id -> the record id
comment_date -> forums_posts.post_date
comment_ip_address -> forums_posts.ip_address
comment_post -> forums_posts.post
comment_approved -> (inverse of) forums_posts.queued
comment_author -> forums_posts.author_name
comment_edit_date -> forums_posts.edit_time
comment_edit_reason -> forums_posts.post_edit_reason
comment_edit_member_name -> forums_posts.edit_name
comment_edit_member_id -> ...
comment_edit_show -> forums_posts.append_edit

for comment_edit_member_id you'd have to do a lookup based on forums_posts.edit_name if it were important to you to retain that.

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