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Sometimes i think "is caused by my bad english"...


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But, is really like this?

Ok, my english can be poor, i admit, but if i open a bug report is because i think is best to report any issue and work - togheter - to make best/more robust this cms, i'am right?

Instead, i found a little error:

report, and reply is: isn't an error (is error for w3c, is unuseful content in source, but for staff "isn't a bug)!

also, i report another problem, related to this, with "similar content block" and hidden/unuseful source in page", and also this "isn't a bug" (also with incomprensible "like" in comment)...


Ok, maybe is best to "no report anymore any bug here"... :hmm:

... sometimes is really sadness!


If i report a bug i'm not saying "u're not a good programmer..."!
but, simply: "something can work best, atm not work as expected, maybe can work in another way..."
can we - payed users - speak about this or we're good only to pay and renew?


maybe you (staff) will be happy for this, but - from now - i will think three (and more) times before open a new bug.



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Please keep reporting bugs, but an issue that only affects outside validation isn't a priority for us. The 
 thing has been mentioned a few times and it's caused by several things that aren't "easy" to fix.

So we're simply saying that to fix an issue that doesn't actually affect anything will take considerable development resources. Resources we can't really afford to spare at this time.

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