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Enhancements for IP.Downloads with IP.Commerce


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I would love to see the following features:

  1. Define member groups or individual members, that are allowed to use the "paid files" feature only. It's ok for the community, to upload free files, but the paid option should be restricted to selected member circles. Maybe it could be possible, that members will only be allowed to publish paid files, if they have an active subscription in commerce.
  2. Set different commission rates for different member groups or individual members. It should be configurable, what individual percentage each member can earn.
  3. Option to define, if commission rates are inclusive TAX/VAT or not! (=defining the base, the commission amount will be calculated from)
  4. For payouts (paid commissions to file authors/suppliers), the system should be able to generate a custom invoice, called "credit note" (!) or similar to provide proof to financial authorities. It's important to name it special, as invoice isn't accepted for payouts!
  5. More widgets for displaying paid and free files separated (maybe widgets that include more complex filter options, what to display). This has already been discussed in other threads.
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