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Google Search guidelines for AMP pages


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AMP really isnt designed for forums, its more a blogs/news platform. It caches pages on google servers and also means you cant really use advertising.

Also your server would need to resize every image uploaded to fit the devices screen and to meet the speed requirements it would have to generate those images on upload which also would hit server performance as imagick/gdi are pretty slow at doing things like that on mass.

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5 minutes ago, Noni said:

Then, it would probably be good for Pages.

If we could have the possibility to follow some steps:
- a guide to create a news database (such as the recipe guide)
- then activate AMP for this section of the website.

Not really unless you disable logins/comments and run no advertising and intend for high bounce traffic.

AMP sounds interesting but it does have limited uses, it could possibly be useful for pages but it has so many negatives.

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