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Moderators should be able to actually join reported PMs


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Don't get me wrong, the new system, where moderators don't actually join the PM by default, is much better. However, if a moderator actually joins in the discussion, they should be able to join the conversation properly, so they don't have to enter via the report every time they want to check for replies.

As far as I can see, they are also not able to reply to the PM when entering via a report, but I might be wrong, and don't really want to test this on a real conversation because even if I am able to send the message, I would still not be able to view replies.

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The admin/mod can already reply when clicking from the report. ^_^

Question, why do you want to check for replies in a PM you moderated? The moderator should moderate, and not come back unless reported again. I wouldn't want mods "checking up" later on the same conversation. That's why it's in the report center and not in your PMs as you are not a participant. The new way also offers more anonymity since staff members are not listed as participants when read. Otherwise members know it's been reported. So if there is no need to reply in that PM, they don't know.

What you are wanting is to be added as a participant if/when you do reply so you get the notifications if they are talking to you, I get that part. I still like this new way, it lets them carry on without you being listed. Otherwise when they try to get back to the conversation, they see the mod is still listed and they may not want to get back to talking until you remove yourself (which they may not do).

Perhaps if you need to be notified, send the member(s) a separate PM or one PM to both. If you need to post in the actual PM, tell them to report the post again if something becomes an issue. You don't need to be a part of it, imo.

I do see your point another way though. If staff does reply and is listed, then when they remove themselves, the members are sure the staff is gone and not there invisibly like now. I can see how being listed could be a benefit only when replying (not reading) if you have diligent mods that remove themselves. But I think I like the new way.

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Most reported PMs are spam for my site, spammer sends PM, gets reported, you look, see it is spam, ban spammer.

Once in a blue moon we get reported PMs of members. One recently was a member kept bugging another member to sell him something even though he told him no. In this case you can talk to the member separately, and tell the other member he can use the Ignore function.

Rarely do we have to intervene or post in a PM. Do you see that a lot on your site?

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