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Hey! I want to change the landnig page of my board. I have gotten a customized landing page downloaded as a zip. file. Now I would like to integrate it with the communtity and to be the first page showing at the URL. How do I do?

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8 hours ago, Strakks said:

I use pages in the app yes.

Try this

1. ACP -> Pages -> Add Page : Manual HTML -> Next


Page Namefor example Start

Page Filename - start

Page Folder - No Parent

Use suite HTML wrapper - No

Page Wrapper - No

Show the suite sidebar on this page - No

Theme - Default Theme


Paste your Html code from zip archive

Title & Meta Tags

Fill in these fields


Add to front navigation menu - No

Save -> Permissions -> View Page:  mark All

2. ACP -> Pages

Choose from drop-down menu on your new page:" Make default page for this folder"  (Click on a star)


3. Open a new tab in your browser to the new page. (http://your sait/start/ )

Make any necessary adjustments

4. Final -> Make your Pages  Default App


Start a new tab on your browser only site (http://your sait )

Good luck!







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