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Automatically alert member when posts hidden


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A suggestion which I think would make things a little easier on moderators, when hiding a post or topic a popup appears asking for the reason for hiding.

It would be a great to have an option that alerts the member as to why it was hidden, I have 2 suggestions to do this, one would be a checkbox that could be clicked which would give you the option of automatically sending a PM to the member, including the reason which the moderator gave for hiding the post.

Or for the member to acknowledge their post has been hidden the same way they would a warning but a much friendlier screen before they can continue to use the forum.

This would stop follow up posts asking why their post was removed or reposting thinking that the post didn't go through to the topic properly. My football forum can be fairly busy on match days, especially when we lose which is quite common these days, emotions run high and it can be time consuming having to PM members whilst keeping up with a topic that can quickly reach 15 pages within a matter of minutes. I do have plenty of mods but there can be times where only one or two are online.

This would make things so much easier. 

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