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Chat Emoticon Bug?


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:angry: So the mad emoticon is now showing up on my chat and the :wub: emoji looks squished.

Is anyone else experiencing this on their forum?


As you can see by the attached image. All of the other emoticons seem fine.
And for the record I haven't modified any of the default emoticons.

And the emoticons seem to be working on forum threads,
so is this a bug? or is there is a problem with my IP.Chat?

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Hi there! Hmmm, this is weird. No, I've never seen this.

  1. Get IPS to replace them via a support ticket



  1. Go to the chat app on your board
  2. Open the emojis
  3. Right click the broken one (note the url path)
  4. Go to your server files via FTP, find that same patch,find the bad emoji there
  5. Save the emoji image from the IPS site, or another forums, that has the CORRECT emoji
  6. Move that saved (correct) file onto your server to overwrite the existing (bad) emoji that looks screwed up
  7. If you've done steps 1 - 6 correctly, you should have replaced the bad emoji from your server files and replaced it with the correct image
  8. Repeat this for the other broken image.

If you need hands on help, please feel free to email me.

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