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Facebook login handler - need help

Ibragim Pupkevich

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to configure Facebook login handler properly. Today I have finally got my App approved by Facebook.

And seems it almost works, but on the very last stage, when facebook redirects me back to community, community login/register page says "Something went wrong". Very detailed error explanation, I really love it... but no idea, what exactly goes wrong.

Could somebody help and provide example (screenshots) of proper facebook App settings? I'm not sure that I have configured "Advanced" tab properly :( 


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Check the user_status and publish_actions options and click Add Items
 Click "Add Notes" and provide a description explaining that statuses are used to import and/or export user statuses between Facebook and your community.

Is that really necessary to get approval for this two items? I don't really want to integrate status updates... I just want to setup login method :( 

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