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"Member has not yet responded to email change"


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I have two members who changed their email addresses to fictitious ones (to avoid the once-weekly digest emails they get, I suppose?) and they show up in the Validating Members list, correctly, as "Member has not yet responded to email change validation email."

The question I have… will their email addresses revert back if they don't respond within the 30 day window I have set to respond? Is there a way to do this manually? Have I lost their previous email altogether? Obviously I'd prefer to have their valid address, but to simply disable any subscriptions or whatnot they might have.

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2 hours ago, R-023 said:

I can test it on my test forum if you want, but I now it without 24 hours. 

I could create an account and test too… I was hoping someone would just know the answer.

Thanks for the offer though. I appreciate it.

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