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IP.Nexus getting started guide


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I'm looking for a IP.Nexus getting started guide before I'm buying it.

Reason is I fear it will be technically way over my head to setup a payment system with Paypal for example.

Have been looking around but either the links are dead http://community.inv...rted-guide-r514 from support.guides/effectively-utilising-nexus-subscriptions-r257 or I cannot get access to it like  



Or if there aren't any guides, how difficult is it because stuff like on support/guides/_/advanced-and-developers/ipnexus/how-to-create-your-own-payment-gateway-r129 *is* way over my head.


Thank you in advance.

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Hey buddy,

What concerns do you have with Nexus? Tell us what you're trying to accomplish and I'm sure we can post helpful guides on that. Unfortunately, a guide covering the entire Commerce system would be a tough creation, but ofcourse absolutely helpful.

Hey, give me a shout here (kevin.jordan@projectgaming.net) and I'll give you a hand with everything.



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There is no guide as this time but they been saying that they will get it out for a sooner than later as they are focusing on other applications. The best help you can do is ask for help in tickets for now till they can put something out. Soon(TM), we hope. 

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Chilihead thanks, looks like what I am looking for!


To all the others thank you for the replies. I got plenty time on my hands to figure some things out myself, if/when it gets too technical I'll come back look into your idea's/ offerings.


Thanks again people, much appreciated! :smile:

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