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Video Attachments?

KT Walrus

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I've been waiting for better handling of user attached videos for a while. I think this feature was on the roadmap when IPS4 was first released, but since then there seems to have been little progress in this area (unless I missed it).

What I'd like to see is support for encoding uploaded videos via a transcoding service (with built in support for Amazon Video Transcoding or configurable local ffmpeg transcoding) and built-in Video Player for streaming the attachment. It is rather easy to run ffmpeg in a Docker container on a server these days to host the transcoding service locally, but Amazon also has a very reasonably priced service for transcoding, storage, and streaming the videos (unless this aspect of my site were to really take off).

Basically, I'd like to see the same things that are done for photos/images done for videos.

I really want my users to post short videos taken on their smartphones instead of having them have to type in a topic for sharing their thoughts. I realize that videos can cost more to host, but I think it might be worth it instead of telling everyone to upload their videos to Youtube and embedding the video link in their posts. Many users just don't bother (especially for a short video message that is specific to a topic).

I also want to be able to control the video encoding parameters so I can specify 240p or 480p or HD encoding and time limit (clipping transcoded file to 30 seconds or 3 minutes or whatever) to save bandwidth or storage costs.  For my needs, low quality video with a short time limit (of several minutes) would suffice for an attached video to a post.

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