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Lang.php file not working


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Hi there,

I have a few custom entries in the lang.php file in my theme. However, they only seem to work when IPS is in Designer Mode. On my live site, with Designer Mode switched off, the language bits do not appear. For example...

The default "reg_connect" message is:
Get started faster
Connect via one of these sites.

But my custom lang.php sets "reg_connect" to the following:
Get started faster
Sign up quickly with Facebook, or enter your details below. Either way, you can use an anonymous display name if you wish.

But that only works in Designer Mode. Switch off Designer Mode, and the message reverts back to the default. Apparently this was a bug that was fixed in 4.1.1, however I'm now on and have had this problem since at least

Another little thing that's annoying me is that every time I go back into Designer Mode, the lang.php file gets rewritten, and the logical order that I arranged my language bits gets changed.

Is anyone else having this problem?

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I can do that where I'm editing an existing IPS language bit. But I've also created my own bits (for theme-specific language bits, names of custom settings, etc) which don't exist in the ACP language area.

I thought the whole point of /themes/{theme_id}/lang.php was that it provided an easy way for theme designers to add their own language bits?

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