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"found this review helpful" anonymous only? Count toward rep


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Was wondering why the helpful upvote is anonymous but Likes have a setting for this. These are basically Likes of another name. We should be able to let groups see who found it helpful (the Likes setting) or at least global.

Also the Like button is right next to it. I find this confusing. If you find it helpful it means you like it, so are members expected to use both? How about just the helpful button on reviews.

I took a look at a lot of the reviews here and most of the likes are from the author of the product. Makes sense. Thanking them for the review. But that's really not a good reason to have the helpful and like, just for the author.

Also these should count toward reputation and they don't. If a detailed review is helpful that should definitely count toward rep. Seems only likes do. Maybe this will be cleared up with the upcoming reputation system next year, but I'd like to see one choice here, or, a selection of choices but you can only pick one, and the positive ones count toward rep, maybe different points. Not sure what the new rep system will be introducing but being able to set reviews to have the helpful button only and it count toward rep would be great. 

  • Anonymous or see who voted setting (Piggyback the Likes setting in groups?)
  • Enable/disable altogether setting, maybe if disabled, Like button appears.
  • Helpful only for reviews (no Like), or both but only be able to select one (but tie them together better)
  • Helpful should count toward rep


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