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Title Caps and SHOUTING (all caps)


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I've just upgraded from 3.8.x to 4.1.5, and see that a ton of posts are now all mixed caps, rather than the title cap format as above.  I also see that members can now post in ALL CAPS in their title.

Lovely.  Now I can see the forums filling up with "HELP ME!!" and "PLEASE HELP!!" titles.  Plus the wonderful POSTS IN ALL CAPS THAT ARE HARD TO READ.

I can't find the option to automagically change them to title caps, and remove all-caps.  I did a search in the ACP, but nothing was returned.  Am I missing something?  How do I fix this?

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There shouldn't be any changes like that at all. Topic titles are just a text field. The only thing that changes when viewing topic titles when viewing the topic list are unread topics have the title bolded. 

Any other werdness would have to be attributed to some strange CSS you have. Applying a text-transform: uppercase; in css to the title element would make all titles UPPERCASE but outside of that...

You have a link to your site? Maybe I'm not understanding this.

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