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IPS4: Customizing Links as Breadcrumbs


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Don't know how else to say this but that I'm looking to create a series of links that direct users to such articles on my site like Forum Rules, Terms of Service, etc., that appear horizontally just below the normal system breadcrumbs of IP4. Unfortunately, I'm not as familiar with the template code just yet and I could use some help in designing breadcrumbs for such links. Before anyone suggests to use the navigational menu, I'm not interested in using the navigation menu for these links since I need these links to be visible to users and registered members at all times. With the navigational menu, these links would always be hidden unless someone drags their mouse over the navigational link. I'm also looking to add a privacy policy link to the footer of every IPS page so that this link is visible at all times, as well. I'm also familiar with creating HTML links. I'm just looking for something I can use to create links similar to the format of the breadcrumbs that IPS uses.

I'm looking for any tips anyone could suggest.

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