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Fatal Error Class 'HTMLPurifier_Definition' (HELP)

david coelho

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Hi im getting this error bellow when im trying to edit the default forum the one that says this is a test forum

Fatal error: Class 'HTMLPurifier_Definition' not found in /home/shifts6/public_html/community/system/3rd_party/HTMLPurifier/HTMLPurifier/HTMLDefinition.php on line 27

i just installed the forum didn't modified nothing

just enabled the facebook login 

any ideas on what can make that happen?

hmm i deleted the default forum that was created and made a new one and it saved. and lets me edit it.. im guessing all default topics categories have to be deleted? just a note ...

seems there is a htmlpurifier 3rd party plugin that doesnt let me add descriptions or change some titles how can i disable it and if i do ... wold affect the editor or something else?

i decided to look in the directory and see what is on the line .... huh what now?


HtmlPurifier default fatal error.jpg

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