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How to translate plugins?

Hendrik Martin

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First of all: I´m sorry for another newbie question. ;)

I would like to translate my website ( including all plugins ) into german language. For IPB there`s a nice translation in the marketplace, but plugins ( for example Cookie notice ) are still in english. 

You can see it on www.steam100.de <- My text in the cookie notice is german, but "More Info" and "GOT IT!" is still in english. How / where can i translate the Plugin related text? 

Thx for help. 


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Go to ACP -> Customization -> Localization -> Languages click on the globus symbol in the "Deutsch" line. In the next window for example type "Got it" in the search field and you will see the entry "cookieNotice_dismiss" and on the right site you can type in the translation.
Btw.: you know http://www.adminarena.de ? Cool place especially for German IPS users.

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