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New Installation Hangs (4.1)


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I am hoping somebody out there has some suggestions or already has been through this type of problem and can help me figure this out...

I am having trouble with a new, clean installation of 4.1.  The installer checks are good, it takes my database credentials and then starts the installation and then just hangs up.  No error message, nothing.

My license and subsequent installer covers all components of IPB except commerce.  I did try running the installer with all the components of my license being installed at once and also minimally with just the core components but either way it stalls out.

It does not appear to write anything to the database as the database remains empty, but yet it does seem to be able to login as it passes it's checks...

It does write the information properly to conf_global.php for whatever that's worth...

There are tons of 500 and 302 errors in ModSecurity logs, but I assume that's because there's no data in the database leaving the installation broken.


WHM/cPanel 11.52.1 (build 3) - Apache 2.4.16 - PHP 5.5.30 - 10.0.22-MariaDB ionCube 4.7.5 suPHP ModSecurity CSF

I installed IPB v3 on this same server and it ran just fine, with the only real difference that PHP was then v5.3


Screenshot from 2015-12-01 23-45-02.png

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well php wise you are good; as needs 5.4.0 or higher.

do you meet other requirements for ips? 


IPS Community Suite

Released 11/24/2015

This is a security release and we recommend all clients upgrade as soon as possible.

Key Changes

Please note that this version requires PHP 5.4.0 or above. Before upgrading, go to AdminCP -> System -> Support and check the PHP version in the right-side column. If you do not have PHP 5.4.0 or greater, contact your hosting provider and ask them to upgrade your PHP version before continuing.


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Thanks for the input MADMAN32395.

This is a clean install and according to the "installers' checks all the requirements are good.  I cannot go into the AdminCP because it's not installing...

So, anyway as far as I know I meet all the requirements according to both their website and the installers checks...

I have since opened a ticket and am waiting to see where that leads.

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