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Good evening

I have been trying to update my forums IPB4, they haven't been updated for some time (July/Aug).

From the information displayed in the Dashboard area it lists the updates and then the download option.

I have downloaded the file, extracted it, uploaded it and started the update process done the login, system and licence check but when it goes to applications I get the following message.

"There are no applications available to upgrade"

I have asked via the support ticket system for assistance but keep getting told to check the client area I do this and can't find the updates.


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Double check what version you're on by going to AdminCP > System > Applications. Next to System you'll see the version.
I'd recommend downloading the files manually from your client area, upload them to your server and then run the upgrade, make sure you're overwriting the files.

In your client area (here on the site, top left link) click > Purchases & Downloads. Select your board name, then press Download IPS Community Suite. Make sure you haven't an expired license or you won't be able to download the files.

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