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Downloads: infinite category selection


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I purchased and installed Download app on my forum, trying to setup & test it. I added a few categories, then deleted them, then added one category again. When I'm trying to upload file here <forum>/files/ I select "submit file", then select category in popup dialog, "Continue" and then I get infinite loop on this URL: <forum>/files/submit/?_new=1


I select category, then Continue, then again the same.

What is it and how it can be fixed? Thanks!

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1 hour ago, Joel R said:

Some basic things for you to try:

1. Run the support tool in the ACP to clear your cache

2.  Navigate to the category.  When you're inside the category, try to upload.

3.  Disable any third party apps or plugins.  

1. Didn't help :(

2. Same infinite loop but with additional &category parameter in url :)

3. Have not

Tried to install ipb4 again over existing installation - didn't help.


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