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No way to create product bundle using "commerce" and "downloads"

Michael Parent

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Hi, noob here trying to set up products and bundle offers on our community via IPS, commerce, and Downloads. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've been spinning my tired for a stress-filled day, desperately trying to figure out the magic setting combination to be able to make product bundles for people to buy.

We  sell several products as zipped files that people can download after purchase.

We want other products they can buy to be a bundle containing all of those individual products.

While there's seems like several obvious options to set up a file in "downloads" to be assigned to multiple products in the store, they NEVER appear in the second product they're assigned to (in this case the bundle)

Has anyone successfully created bundles that include two or more of other products? If so, how?

I have the latest IPS forum version installed, and the latest version of downloads and of commerce.



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