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4.1 has been one hell of a ride?


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I thought i would hold off on updating but since i've been scratching my netherlords for the past month that really was not going to happen. YAY I LOVE 4.1! BUT! and yes i have to insert a BUT.

Several hours in and i experienced lots and lots of issues (which i put down to the fact i customized heavily, so i had to start with fresh templates), some of which i have no idea how to fix, one or two i submitted tickets for. So for the ones i have not submitted tickets for can anyone help figuring out wth is going on?

All of my databases now show a blank page on the form you use to create an article etc, and when clicking edit on articles too. I thought re-doing the form with a fresh one and assigning it would fix it but no. And im having the same issue with the content streams too. So im a bit lost. Instead of pulling my hair out i thought i would ask here! because im a little to busy trying to figure out why some of my users cant post at all.

But hey despite all that... im not mad at ips and im Not going to let this ruin my day :D I love you all!

p.s does anyone know how to make the menu manager change to show that your on custom url? like it does with built in things. As apps and custom urls to your own pages dont show that your on them.

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