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Commerce - price and stock error


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I have an advertising package that lets members feature and promote their database record to the front page for a period of time.  I set up a product with a custom field to indicate how long it runs with options from 1 - 12 months. I want to provide a discount if they choose a full year. The product is configured to use that custom field.


I have the stock and price tab set with price adjustments based on custom field settings.


There is no stock limit but I match the ad period with the corresponding price and reflect the discount when the table reaches 12 months (cropped out of image).


Everything seems to work as expected when viewing the product and testing the period/price match, but every single time I view the product from the front end I get an email error notice:

Please check the Stock & Price adjustments tab for this product in the ACP and ensure appropriate fields are selected.
Error triggered by: Tess Case (ip.address)
10/25/2015 in Commerce

The error logs basically just repeat that message. Any idea where I've gone wrong? I honestly don't see any more settings on that tab.

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