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Multiple Articles Databases


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More a question that IPB staff can answer than anything else...

I am creating member hubs within my community. One for standard members, one for subscribers, and one for site staff. As part of that I want to use the articles database to create an articles database for each of those groups. I get I can export the structure and import it to a new database. Ideal (if only I could import/export records, but that is asked in another post).

My question is about what would happen during upgrades.

Would any upgrades to the articles database only be reflected on the original? What about new demo articles etc? I ask because some of those articles will only be available to site staff in the site staff articles. I am guessing they would be added to the original database? It just helps to be prepared at this stage so I can adjust my site design if necessary.

Is it reliant upon the database name, or is it the database key?

Are new pages "how to" articles added to the pages category?



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