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IP.Gallery: Expanded Permissions to see Thumbnail, Intermediate, Full

Joel R

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I'd like to suggest that permissions be expanded in IP.Gallery to address the nuance in different image sizes. Currently, IP.Gallery only offers one option: "view image."  I'm wondering if you can add an expanded permission set:

  • See Thumbnail
  • See Intermediate Page (the page with the description, EXIF, comments, reviews, etc.)
  • See Full

Most gallery systems include these permissions.  There are a variety of benefits, both quantifiable and qualitative, for toggling these permissions:

  1. Drive registrations. In my prior gallery system I could allow guests to only view thumbnails.  When the guests clicked on the thumbnail, they were encouraged to register since they couldn't view the intermediate or full-size.  Analytics tell me that my galleries account for 90%+ of my community's registrations and traffic.  My current registration is 9% compared to before, which is commensurate with the lack of controls over my images.  Why register when you can view everything, from thumbnails to the full size?  
  2. Entice new guests and search engines.   My galleries are the world's most comprehensive set in certain niches, so I want to 'tease' guests and search engine bots with my content without giving away everything.  Right now, my only option is to not show anything or show everything.  
  3. Minimize bandwidth.  As you can imagine with a media-heavy website, letting all users and guests view full-size images is expensive.  In the one month trial where I let all guests and visitors view everything, it exploded my monthly expenditure.  My storage, delivery, and content distribution costs went up by 100%, and now exceed my server costs as the biggest operating expense.  Help me save money, so my monthly budget can continue to be apportioned to IPS renewals.  

More fine-grained control over images is appropriate for IP.Gallery to reach parity with other standalone gallery solutions.  I'm not asking for anything innovative or new, but to simply match general expectations for a photo gallery system.

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