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Suggestion: In stream, author be hyperlinked in action line


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In the stream I often want to click to a user. The profile pic does it, but in mobile condensed there is no pic, so no way to get there. Plus not everyone knows to click the pic, especially the overlapped pic/icon in mobile expanded. Adding this link is just a bonus really, but also serves to add it where the pic is missing from mobile condensed.

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Without the underlining of course, but shown for effect. Would not change the look at all.

Forum is already linked, can you link author? Thanks!

PS. You can do it in forum view, app view etc. Just not stream or search. ;)


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When the author in the action line is listed alone it is clickable just not when under content. That's seems like an inconsistency. 

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if people want to see a profile can't they just click on the post and then the profile link there

I'd suggest rather than add more profile links

instead just take all the profile links off all the lists including those distracting hover boxes

why have 100s of unneeded links just in case someone may want to visit a profile now and again

profile links just on the post page ?

yep go for faster, cleaner and more logical layouts 



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