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Email notifications missing


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I know it was posted before but it seems like nothing has been done about it.

Email notification are randomly missing.

I'd estimate that I'm not getting about 25% of them. At least.

To eliminate another possibility I switched my email address from Comcast to GMail but it didn't fix the issue.

About the same amount of email notifications is still missing

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Missed email notifications over last 2 hours only:




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I just got an email notification about your reply no problem and few minutes ago another one about reply in another topic and I'm still signed in.

In my own forum I sign in when I got home from work and I stay signed in until I go to bed.

I receive every single email notification about every single reply in any topic I created or replied in.

I'm sorry but what you're saying doesn't make much sense.

If that was how it works how would I even know someone replied somewhere?

Why it works perfectly fine on my board?

Why am I receiving email notification here in 80% cases regardless if I'm in or off?


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Oh...on a top of...

All or most those missing notifications are from time when I'm off this board.

I know that because in order not to miss anything in addition to having email notifications set to get them for new replies I also set regular notifications to get them when new replies are posted in "my" topics.


Now I'm signing off for tonight and tomorrow I'll provide a new list of all email notifications that went missing.

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