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When I want to reply pointing at certain member I would type:


There are two issues:

1. If that member exists I'm getting this popup:


If I click on that member my text will be hotlinked.

I actually don't want it to be hotlinked but there is no way to bypass it.

Hitting Enter or whatever button doesn't do anything.

2. If that member doesn't exist I can't proceed to the next line.

Pressing Enter doesn't do anything.

That's the reason I had to use "code" box to include my example.

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Ahhh....thanks :)

Still...why to make things so complicated.

Enter should do.

More explaining to my members...lol

There's a lot of complicated things, but this shouldn't be one of them. :) ESC and space both close it. For simplicity, I'm sure we could make it so you can click anywhere in the editor to dismiss it. Hitting enter would be the opposite behavior that most would expect -- if anything, I agree with chilihead that enter should highlight the entry - I'll bring this up internally.

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