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Intermittent/Different Editor issues


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So I'm having trouble tacking down an issue for a member. This member seems to be the only one that is having any issues but it is more likely that she is the only one pointing it out.

Now first thing is that I can't duplicate these issues and when I try to duplicate them I either can't replicate them at all or else my bugs happen differently.

So far it's specific to using BBCode but things like using the URL= code she states that her cursor pops to the beginning (just after the equal sign) and then adds these spaces that she must delete. Making changes etc does the same thing, always pops her to the equal sign and adds the spaces.

Also using align BBCode doesn't work when she uses Shift+Enter but when I tried it the line below where I put the center popped ABOVE the center tag, completely different to her issue.


Anyone having issues like this and finding any reason to the randomness yet?

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