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how to order menu with pages and other app?


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in ipsuite is present a setting (in Advanced.. I don't remember, but exist), to make a link, just only one, in menu! (totally usefull if exist pages)..

anyway, if i make a link with My root url from Here o from pages menu maker, this menu remain inactive when im in homepage.

My request is if is possible to make a menu Like this:

Home (pages or setting from acp - but with active function); forum; Gallery; database1; blog database2; download; etcc etcccc...

thanks in advance For any reply :)

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your menu like good, but in this way you can't see differencde from active menu and other items (faq work fine, for example...) :/

atm, instead, ì've put a menu folder called "home" and any pages item inside this folder.

any other app remain from default :)

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