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SSO in 4.0

Ken Owyang

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Has anyone completed projects with this? If so can they share some documentation and code details of their implementation? I originally piggybacked on this question in search but this is probably a better spot for it:


Essentially I am coming from vBulletin and CAS SSO solution and I am looking for a similar workflow here. Reading through the provided 4.0 documentation seems to assume you are moving from 3.x and understand some underpinnings of IPB. 

If someone could give a bit more guidance about hooking into this class: 

Yes, we use a hook here for it.  You overload \IPS\Session\Front in 4.0 instead.

That would be great. I understand the basics of cookies and session handling, but I need a bit more guidance about the 4.0 IPB way of doing things. I found this very detailed example:


But this seems to be the "old" way of doing things and doesn't help enough - even if more info could be given as to how the old methods relate to the new hook that would be great, thanks.

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More details...

From reading, it seems my existing application (which happens to be in Java) would need to act as Master for IPS Connect?

If so do you have any defined documentation or pattern info for doing this? Even when I go to your Admin panel to enable IPS connect, the native settings seem to expect a .php application as the third party master.

Am I going down the right path? If so any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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