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Multiple Select Members for Deletion


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Could the Members section in the ACP be made a little more user friendly in terms of workflow to save time.
We migrated from a 10 year phpBB install to IPS4.0 and we are now going through and cleaning the members list and the way the interface works is incredibly time consuming.

For example:
Search .pl in the email list, and it lists 34 .pl email accounts.
I know 2 of these are legitimate, the other 32 I want to delete.
If I use "Prune Members Found" it will delete all 34, including the two Members I do not want to delete.
If I select to delete 1 member from the results it returns me to the main Member's list requiring me to search again and delete again the individual member 33 times in a row.
I have approximately 1200 accounts to remove...... That's 3600 page loads, 4800 mouse clicks :P

What would be helpful is if the "results" then had the little white boxes to the right, similar to selecting multiple posts in the forum to be moved at once.  That would allow me to use as "select all results" and then "de-select" the two or three accounts per search that I wish to keep.

If I'm missing something, or there's a better way to clean the list let me know.

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