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what or where are these ?

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current running a 3.4.8 board with several mods 

set up a test (before upgrade)

and the base install (forum / gallery / nexus)

set up a rss import just to fill with posts and 2 members (its just to test mods)

now I cant seem to fine the setting / plugin or application for these

1) Gallery slider across top of forum

2) who's online in footer area

3) forum statistics

ive installed the odd plugin some seem to work and well some, even though say enabled dont or need further work edit etc

i'm sure its just a case of needing to be pointed in right direction -any hints. ideas etc?


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Fantastic cheers ALL is revealed.... IPS shame on you for hiding it somewhere ELSE than ACP....:tongue:.

There seems to be a lack of instructions for IPScs4 and sometimes the obvious is overlooked.   

That said, this really is a great improvement to make things easier to edit.

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