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Migration / Timeout Etc

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Hello guys,

I have a very strange problem with my forum.

I tried to migrate from mybb to IPB. It seems like something is wrong with my DB or IPB.

When i convert members, it works until exactly 2000 and then boom 500 internal server error :(  does anyone know how to resolve this ?


DB is correct, other conversions work.. very strange

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well its not fixed :(

Still Internal Server Error 500 when converting. i dont know what to do anymore.

reinstalled webspace completely in Plesk, uploaded converter, error ...

Also very strange, after installing IPB, my admin password and account is not in DB. i always have to edit ipsregistry.php to "hack" admin login and give me my admin account back after reinstall.

What am I doing wrong ? Forum etc works perfect, DB works.. but covnersion always timeout

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