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Copy Forum Installation Locally


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Hi All,

In version 3.x of IP.Board, I could grab a copy of our forum from our website (sql dump and file copy) and create a local instance on my computer for the purposes of development. I just tried this in version 4.03 and it does not like it, icons and styling are out of whack and things are missing as you can see from the attached image.

Probing further, on our public web server copy there are 7 JS files stored in uploads/javascript_global, on my local copy there are now 746 JS files and the names are different and there seems to be many duplicates. Since the names are different, it's causing referencing issues that are likely causing the the issues outlined above.

My question is why is it doing this and is there a way I can get a copy of forum installation from one source, and install it locally for the purposes of development.



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