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Naming Conventions

Ocean West

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 Thank you  generating folders folders as YYYY_MM - however ideally i'd like to see them as two directories = YYYY/MM

  • Major file system changes to make changing file configurations much faster. The bad thing is that if you are already on 4.0 you will need to run a post rebuild (though this is much faster since 4.0.2). But the very good thing is that you will not have to rebuild posts for any future file configuration changes (such as changing location of your Suite, enabling a CDN, and other changes). So it will be worth the minor annoyance now to save a whole lot of headache later!

​Ditto - i have had a ticket open  (still waiting for a resolution) having issues with the file naming and folder naming for where files are stored. 

however I am perplexed with seeing some of these file names: and afraid that on some systems your going to reach character count limits!


And i am noticing many files being stripped of any human readable file name or reference to the id to the content area it was posted like _.0c823c042f8d5d43a1dcc3384508abf8

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