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Upgrade testboard version


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I have a test board which I rarely used in the past, But now with all the updates and upgrade I want to learn by using my testboard, so my live board  does'nt have any errors.   Now the testboard is version 2.2.2 , can someone tell me how to upgrade to RC5 or if it can't be done.  If not what to do to get a new version testboard.

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Being the TOS provides for 1 install and 1 test install the safest would be to delete the 2.2.2 test install and database. After removing the Database create a new one that you will use in the nxt step. Go to the Client Center where you can download a fresh copy of 3.4.7. Upload it to the server and install using your new database... Next go back to the Clients Center where you can download RC7... Again upload this to the 3.4.7 Directory and run the upgrade.... Example: http://example.com/admin/upgrade/. Now you will have an IPS 4.0 RC7 test board.

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Well I am new on installing and upgrading, always paid someone to do it for me.  So I am a little confused.  Do I delete the testboard from the File Manager, and where do I download the 3.4.7.  I went to my client area and I dont see it.  Are there any documentation about how to install the new one?   Thanks

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Yes you can remove the 2.2.2 board via cPanel - File Manager. Dump the associated database via cpanel - PhpMyAdmin leaving an empty database. Or just create a new one.

In your Clients Center Go to Purchases - Current associated install (IPS Community Suite http://yourdomain.com) Click the button "Download IPS Community Suite". Here you will find 2 radio buttons 1 for IPS 4 RC # and and below it the 2nd 3.4.7 radio button. Select the 2nd to get your full 3.4.7 suite.

Go back either via FTP or File manager and create a new forum root if you did not already earlier. Same with the database if you have not already.

Open the Zip file to a location on your computer then Via FTP upload these files to your new forum root location.

Go to the new forum root via your browser. http://yourdomain.com/forum/admin/install/ (using your domain and subdomain.) Start the install....

*****Things you need to have before hand*****

Cpanel user ID

Cpanel user password

New Database ID (name)

IPS License Key xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxx-xxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxTESTINSTALL

(This will get you going on the 3.4.7 install to start with.)

And of course "Have Fun & Good Luck!"

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