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Can Search default to Forums? How?


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How do we set the default search to Forums? All Content is a bit silly. Images? Etc. My users want to search posts. Thanks

​It's not silly, and it's a very shallow way of thinking that perhaps for your website is appropriate, but it fails to take into account the great diversity of all IPS-driven sites.  For example, on my website, the images in IP.Gallery or the data in IP.Content databases are especially valuable.

The key idea is that the starting point of origination doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the destination, and that searching for content across the community is valuable.  In fact, one of my biggest problems is the 'silos' of information locked away in each IP.App, which cannot be searched in a unified manner.  I like being able to leverage and display information through multiple applications, and we need a search system that can capture all of the content through a single system.  

With that said, I do agree that when you're in certain parts of the website (eg. IP.Board), the default search can be toggled in the ACP between either IP.Board or All Content.  Or maybe search will save your search settings, so if you've selected Forums in the prior search then it will only search in the Forums.  

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I didn't mean silly that it searches all, but for me, when you are on the Forum, I would like it to default to Forum. IP3 works this way. And if in Gallery it defaults to Gallery.

The ability to search all is great, but I want the user to select that.

ACP setting would be great.


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