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No way to mute comments on a status update


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As far as I can see, there doesn't appear to be any way to mute notifications of comments on a status update that you started or commented on, apart from globally disabling follow notifications (not just status update notifications, all followed content). This is something that a number of users on a site that I moderate have complained about, and I was hoping that issues like this would have been resolved in the process of completely rewriting the forum, but apparently not.

Please, please add an option to follow and unfollow particular status updates so that you can learn about new replies if you are interested without needing to post a comment (this might be more useful for moderating a potentially hazardous status update), or not get spammed with notifications if you aren't interested in the ongoing discussion. Even if you do compile multiple comments into one notification while unread, there are a number of users on the forum that I moderate, myself included, who read notifications immediately when they come in, and getting a notification about every single comment on a status update is just a bad idea if they're not interested.

Thanks, stomrdrive.

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It exists on 3.4.x

In V4 RC, you can add this modification.


​That is great, and a step in the right direction (though it should be standard in 4 IMO), but I'm more interested in being able to follow and unfollow specific status updates from a member, not just status updates in general. This feature was also lacking in 3.4.

In addition, as far as I can tell, that plugin still doesn't allow you to mute comments on status updates - just mute status update notifications themselves. While I expect it or something like it will be implemented in the forum that I use, it still doesn't solve the problem that, to quote one of the members, "just sucks".

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