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Feature Parity

Joel R

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I haven't even tested v4.0 but this problem is frustratingly common in v3.4.7: Please offer feature parity and similar layout in the ACP across all apps.  For example:

  • Overview, Settings, Statistics, and Tools all in the same order 
  • Same text and order of features in settings
  • Same Advanced table tools and category options


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Consistency has been a big push in 4, and I think you'll be pleased. Naturally, some apps have different needs to others (like Commerce) but you'll find a consistent approach across similar concepts :) 

​I hope so.

From an optimistic standpoint, IPS is a suite with multiple apps that can serve as different 'playgrounds' from which it can come up with the best set of features, which can then be cross-applied to the other apps.  You would think that the end result would be to consistently offer the very best feature set.   

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