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Commerce Plugin - Integrating 3rd-Party Class Wrapper

Tom Christian

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I'm trying to build a plugin so that whenever an invoice is generated or updated some data is sent to a 3rd-party service.

Extending the \IPS\nexus\Invoice class and save() method seems to be what I need.

My question - The 3rd-party service I'm integrating has a nice PHP wrapper to help structure their XML requests from a php array structure. The wrapper is split into three .php files. What is the best way of integrating this into a plugin? Where can I store these files and how do I load them? I'm aware of the autoloader but I'm not confident of how exactly it works.



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​And using the psr0 method: eg:

\IPS\IPS::$PSR0Namespaces['FreshBooksApi'] = \IPS\ROOT_PATH . '/plugins/commerceTests/Freshbooks/FreshBooksApi';

How would I then call that inside a hook? Everything I try returns a class not found error.


Are the classnames \FreshBooksApi\Class? If so, that should work fine.

Though you can't distribute files in the plugins directory (since they're created dynamically), you'd need to put them somewhere else. /system/3rd_party/ is probably a good place.

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\IPS\IPS::$PSR0Namespaces['Freshbooks'] = \IPS\ROOT_PATH . '/plugins/commerceTests/Freshbooks';

​Mark, when creating an invoice, is it possible for me to store some additional data? Before creating the invoice, my plugin sends the invoice data to Freshbooks which responds with an invoice_id. I need to store that ID so that any future invoice updates within Commerce can also be applied over to freshbooks.

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