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Commerce Payment Flow


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I have a question for the Commerce Payment Flow in Download Paid Settings

Payment Flow: Seller submits a file to sell. Buyer purchases an item and pays the Seller. Site Owner receives a commission percentage from the Seller.

Question: Is the payment flow chained or parallel?

Chained: Gateway pays Seller and Seller pays Site Owner from sold item.

Parallel: Gateway pays Seller and Site Owner from sold item.


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I'm guessing in what I see is .. buyer > gateway > site owner > seller

Site owner transfers the money in the sellers "account credit" (automatically) .. after the site owner confirms the buyer transaction (manually or also automatically confirmed). Seller can do a withdrawal from his/her "account credit" to a payment gateway..

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I updated my diagram to get this right because if I don't charge enough I'm going to lose money on the gateway fees. Also, I need to figure out my profit and loss information to be able to stay in business ;)

Note: this is only for the Downloads sale.

So is this one correct?


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the only thing I see and tested is that the buyer deals with the site owner (as he is the seller) .. and that is how the only invoice is made ..

The site owner deals with the total tax ..

In my example (picture) the site owner takes 5% and in the invoice you will see the site owner gets the total tax added ..

Customer "Boot" with "Boot file" gets a commission (without any tax added or deducted (no options for that)(can't find any)) .. that commission will be transferred directly to "Boot" "account credit" (what you call IPS virtual wallet) .. "Boot" can do a withdrawal to PayPal or Stripe or done manually (only choices for site owner) .. if site owner has PayPal and customer "Boot" also then no gateway payout costs will be made (idem for Stripe I guess) .. At this stage there are no invoices I see for the last transaction (funds withdrawal) to customer "Boot" ..


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Ok, I think I got it closer now.

I took everyone's feedback and put this together.

  1. Tax should be pushed to the buyer setup in Tax Class for Paid Files.
  2. Site Owner looks like the seller and pays Gateway fee, Tax (received from sale), then when requested Payout to seller
    1. My guess for Gateway fee they know what is tax and only charge their fee on the actual sale price.
    2. Sales tax is pushed to buyer so where good here.
    3. For the Payout to Seller I'm guessing about the Virtual Wallet but IPS would have to keep track of this because it's a request from seller and we need to keep track of how much we owe sellers.
  3. Seller when requests Payout will get the sale of item (less site commission fee) and possibly less gateway fee.


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