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  1. Hey Adlago, Your right, I didn't see that setting, thank you very much for helping
  2. How about this then for a wish list because as you start to move the menus around you will find limitations. More control in the ACP over page menus in combination application menusAnother Solution: Because IPS did a great job separating out the html and css with good naming conventions it's easy remedied by modifying the themes template navBar, userBar, and utilitiesMenu

  3. My IPS Rank changed to IBP Member, I'm no longer a newbie :)

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  4. Is there a way to change the application menus items in combination with pages menus? An example is I use pages as a home page and I also use articles but I would like articles farther down the menus. I got the part about moving around the application menus and pages having a parent but I haven't figured out how to separate the pages menu in combination with the application menus. Current Home <pages page item> <home is next to other pages because same app>Articles <pages page item> <articles is next to other pages because same app>Downloads <application item>Support <application item> <support is next to store because same app commerce>Store <application item> <store is next to support because same app commerce>Gallery <application item>Calendar <application item>Forum <application item>Blogs <application item>Would like Home <pages page item>Downloads <application item>Store <application item>Gallery <application item>Calendar <application item>Forum <application item>Blogs <application item>Support <pages folder item>Articles <pages page item>FAQ <pages page item>Tickets <application item>Thank you,
  5. Ok, I think I got it closer now. I took everyone's feedback and put this together. Tax should be pushed to the buyer setup in Tax Class for Paid Files. Site Owner looks like the seller and pays Gateway fee, Tax (received from sale), then when requested Payout to sellerMy guess for Gateway fee they know what is tax and only charge their fee on the actual sale price. Sales tax is pushed to buyer so where good here. For the Payout to Seller I'm guessing about the Virtual Wallet but IPS would have to keep track of this because it's a request from seller and we need to keep track of how much we owe sellers. Seller when requests Payout will get the sale of item (less site commission fee) and possibly less gateway fee.
  6. I updated my diagram to get this right because if I don't charge enough I'm going to lose money on the gateway fees. Also, I need to figure out my profit and loss information to be able to stay in business Note: this is only for the Downloads sale. So is this one correct?
  7. I have a question for the Commerce Payment Flow in Download Paid Settings Payment Flow: Seller submits a file to sell. Buyer purchases an item and pays the Seller. Site Owner receives a commission percentage from the Seller. Question: Is the payment flow chained or parallel? Chained: Gateway pays Seller and Seller pays Site Owner from sold item. Parallel: Gateway pays Seller and Site Owner from sold item.
  8. I have it working using http, but https has some problems in beta 2 and 3a. Not sure what problems your having but create the S3 bucket no changes in permission, then in IPS add the bucket name, access key and secret key.
  9. Has the directory permission been posted? I looked at documentation for 3.4 but to much has changed. Thx
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