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Search box default option - Not same as 3.4x


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In IPB 3.4, what to search follows where the user is in the site.  Example.

Board Index: Search option defaults to "Forums".
In a forum: Search option defaults to "This forum"
In a topic: defaults to "This topic".

Same is true if you go to ther apps like Downloads or Members.

In 4.0 however, no matter where we are, the search always defaults to "Everything".   Is this intended behavior ?  It is most annoying to have to change it almost everything we search on something.

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yah i miss this from ipb 3.4

not only search option if you hit create new topic no matter where you are you have to select the forum category 

even if you are browsing it 

it would be nice to have it default at your location if you wish to change you can do so 

the same goes for other apps as will 


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