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SSL Conversion

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Login via SSH and paste the command.

Go to the directory where the pem/p7b/etc. file exists. Or upload first if never there to begin with.

-in test.pem | change "test.pem" to the name of the file you're converting.

-out test.pem.new | change "test.pem.new" to the name of the file you want to get in the end. (really doesn't matter, just anything you want)

Don't really know off hand how plesk installation of SSL goes, but the resulting file is the one that's going to dictate the details of the SSL to your server.


You can also use tools like https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-converter.html Though... not sure how much to trust them.

ASSUMING the help file is correct, you'll want to select p7b as current type, and convert to standard pem.

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