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In IPB you can activate during registration that only the administrator can validated or not.

Is it possible that you add the VIP access :

when a user subscribes to it and an email address ending by @xyz.com, @vip.com, @xxx.com, it passes moderation administrator, for finish user must have enabled the web link to confirm registration in mail.

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Sure admin can validate every user, it is located in the admin cp:

System Settings / System / Security [Managing Members]

Select from the four options there to validate a member.

As far as subscribing a member to a different group due to their e-mail address I have never seen that and I do not know if one of the coder's has created a app for that or not, but I would poke around and search the marketplace area or contact these guys Mike John or Adriano Faria and request a custom application be made for you, if it is doable these guys can do it.

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