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Ali Majrashi

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Tasks in ip.board is limited to application based use

it will be more helpful if we can create Tasks and insert the code in

the admin CP and when the Tasks run it will run the code and log it

this will make it easy if i just got clean up task or calculation that done

on daily base but there is no need to create full application for it :smile:

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I don't understand your issue.

As long as you put your PHP file in the correct place, it will run when you schedule it to run.

I *think* the point of linking it to an application, is that the task only gets checked to see if it should run when that 'application' is loaded by a visitor.

So if it is a general housekeeping task, link it to the 'System' application and place the PHP file in the correct folder.

If you want it to be forced to run, you can add it to CRON so it's scheduled by the operating system, rather than being triggered by visitor activity.

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What rct2.com said.

You can create your own task and 'piggy-back' off core / system.

Both of the mods in my signature piggy-back off of the 'Members' application for their tasks that update the cache.

It doesn't require any file edits, just ensure your custom task file is located in the correct /{application}/tasks folder.

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