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Who uses CRON?

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Wanting to compare something I just noticed... As I only have CRON set up on one of my communities currently...

Does your cron task create a session every time it's run? It seems to think it's an IP.Content page and is creating a session, but I haven't a clue why the location_3_type is trying to make the path a URL...

You'll note the running time's are exactly 60 seconds apart.


* * * * * /var/www/html/tacsite/interface/task.php all {some key}
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As I understand it, Invision recommend that you should set a crontab to run "/var/www/html/tacsite/interface/task.php all" every 60 seconds.

This task.php code then decides every minute which of the other scheduled tasks should run.

I would imagine [but have not checked] that the task.php file creates a guest session. I would expect each guest session to be unique.

Why task.php is inserting that weird URL into the sessions table location_3_type column is a good question, but I wouldn't think that it affects how it runs, and the entry in the sessions table won't be reused as the session key is unique to that particular run of task.php.

Edit: task.php includes the line


Looks like a bug?

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